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Time Attendance is a computerized system to track your company attendance and generate multiple reports on those data. Easy Office for your office to keep record of employee Attendance, Day Off, Holiday, Leave and Absent. The system is applicable to a corporate or small office, the check in/checkout of employee can be possible to track by RFID Card/Finger-Print/both of them. HR department will keep track of Day Off, Holiday & leave. On the other hand it will deliver the daily attendance report, Monthly Attendance Report, Leave Report and many others.



There are several benefits to automating your office attendance. Using Easy Office in your business provides you with a greater amount of data than can be retrieved with only a conventional manual attendance system. Late Attendance, Early Leaving, Total Office Time, Day Off, Holiday, Leave, Absent can be retrieved with a few clicks. This data is the key to grasping total control of your business and increasing the effectiveness of Work Hour. In addition to enhancing customer and inventory tracking capabilities, computerizing your store can also help you tighten up on security and employee tracking.


Some additional benefits to be gained by automating your office below:

  • It stops fake attendance and gives actual time with late attendance & early leaving
  • It supports RFID card as well as finger print to get actual persons’ attendance
  • It gives Day Off, Holiday, Leave along with absent in attendance report
  • It save money from fake attendance and helps the proper calculation of salary
  • It saves paper for manual attendance
  • It generates Attendance Report along with Leave Report

Time Attendance system previously available only for large companies. Now it is readily available to any corporate or small office. Get the detail data you need to stay competitive with an affordable, reliable Time Attendance system from Proxima Soft. The system will pay for itself quickly in the time, money and labor you will save, as well as the help of increased workforce you should see from the increased control of your business.



  • Dynamic Level for Department, Sub-Department, Designation, Workgroup Management
  • Dynamic Leave Management
  • Dynamic Holiday Management
  • Dynamic Schedule Management
  • Dynamic Religion
  • Integrated data pulling from Devices (Real time & Offline)
  • Integrated HR module as per attendance need
  • Daily Attendance Management
  • Employee/Guest enrollment with digital image accusation
  • Quick Search Option
  • Historical Data
  • Terminal Management
  • Easy on-screen accessibility
  • Dynamic user accessibility management
  • Data Import/Export
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • All Types of Report on Above Features with Export Option
  • Capable to integrate with most of the time attendance devices

Which one is better, Attendance Register or Time Attendance?

An attendance register is dumb. It tells you only how much employee has present for a particular day. It can tell you the present quantity, but it can’t tell original late count, it can’t tell how much time your employee late and how much time your employee early. But Time Attendance can tell you all the above factors and helps you to take proper decisions for your business. Don’t pass the responsibility of selecting the attendance register or Time Attendance to employees or a consultant. Do your homework. Before selecting an attendance register or Time Attendance, understand your business needs, the attendance management options and hardware available and make your selection based on an educated decision.


Who Can Use

  • Small Office
  • Large Office
  • School/College/University
  • Librery
  • Restaurent
  • And many more…

Hardware Compatibility

  • Facial Recognition
  • Finger Print
  • RFID Card along with RFID Readers
  • Magnetic Card along with Magnetic Card Reader

System Requirements

  • Computer (Processor:  Intel Pentium 4 or higher, RAM: 2GB)
  • Windows Operating System
  • Time Attendance Device
  • Network (Optional)


  • EASY OFFICE Software
  • Necessary training session