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Easy Card Generator is a computerized system to print your company ID card through a PVC Card Printer. The system is applicable to a corporate/small office or card printing business. Dynamic project, Dynamic Database Design is the extra ordinary features of Easy Card Generator.



There are several benefits to using Easy Card Generator. You can add multiple design and data to print card. It is also possible to feed data from a excel sheet with a few clicks. If you feed data from a excel sheet then no need to print out a proof copy, directly you can print out the card through PVC card printer. If you have a business to print clients card, then you will only receive the design and excel sheet to deliver the clients card.

Some additional benefits to be gained by using Easy Card Generator below:

  • It makes faster to print any card
  • It supports multiple design
  • It supports dynamic database design in user end
  • It can feed excel sheet as input
  • It saves paper for proof print
  • It generates print report

Card Generator Software previously available only for large companies. Now it is readily available to any corporate/small office or card printing business. Get the detail data you need to stay competitive with an affordable, reliable Easy Card Generator system from Proxima Soft.

The system will pay for itself quickly in the time, money and labor you will save, as well as the help of increased workforce you should see from the increased control of your business.



  • Dynamic Card Design
  • Dynamic Database Design
  • Dynamic Data Entry form along with Excel Feed Option
  • Quick Search Option
  • Historical Data
  • Terminal Management
  • Easy on-screen accessibility
  • Dynamic user accessibility management
  • Data Import/Export
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • All Types of Report on Above Features with Export Option
  • Capable to integrate with most of the PVC Card Printer

Which one is better, Designing Software or Easy Card Generator?

A Designing Software is dumb for card printing. It helps you only for make the design; it can’t assist you to dress the data you want from a database. But Easy Card Generator can help you for make the design, integrate data from a database and print it out. Don’t pass the responsibility of selecting the designing software or Easy Card Generator to employees or a consultant. Do your homework. Before selecting a designing software or Easy Card Generator, understand your business needs, the printing management options and hardware available and make your selection based on an educated decision.


Who Can Use

  • Card Designers
  • Factory

Hardware Compatibility

  • Most of the PVC Card Printer

System Requirements

  • Computer (Processor:  Intel Pentium 4 or higher, RAM: 2GB)
  • Windows Operating System
  • PVC Card Printer
  • Network (Optional)


  • EASY Card Generator Software
  • Necessary training session