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Electronic Billing is a system to generate bill for any types of service provider. Easy Billing for your company to keep record of customer bill and accounts. The system is applicable to any types of service provider like ISP, cable TV connection provider etc. Billing department will keep track of the customer information along with service type & bill amount. On the other hand it will deliver the bill for each month with previous due (if any). It will also track the collection from the customer and automatically updates the customer accounts.



There are several benefits to automating your billing system. Using Easy Billing in your business provides you with a greater amount of data than can be retrieved with only a conventional manual billing system. Service Charge, Due Amount, Currently Active Client List can be retrieved with a few clicks. This data is the key to grasping total control of your business and increasing service and profits. In addition to enhancing client and dues tracking capabilities, computerizing your billing can also help you tighten up on security and service level.


Some additional benefits to be gained by automating your business below:

  • It generates hassle free monthly bill with dues
  • It helps to indicate the service area to increase service level
  • It keeps the accounts record of all clients
  • Save time by automation accounting tasks
  • Speed up your bill preparation
  • Increase customer service levels
  • Use the system-generated customer information to process direct marketing campaigns
  • Reduce the time spent on Back Office and bill calculation
  • More detailed reports
  • Improve accuracy
  • Easily grows with business
  • Supports most slip printers/continuous sheet printer
  • Allows an instant status of any client

Electronic Billing systems previously available only for large service provider. Now it is readily available to any size of service provider. Get the detail data you need to stay competitive with an affordable, reliable Electronic Billing system from Proxima Soft.

The system will pay for itself quickly in the time, money and labor you will save, as well as the help of increased workforce you should see from the increased control of your business.



  • Dynamic Area Management
  • Dynamic Service Management
  • Dynamic Bill Period Management
  • Client Information Management along with Bangla Language
  • Accounts Management for Client with Dues
  • Quick Search Option
  • Historical Data
  • Terminal Management
  • Easy on-screen accessibility
  • Dynamic user accessibility management
  • Data Import/Export
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • All Types of Report on Above Features with Export Option
  • Capable to integrate with slip printer/continuous sheet printer

Which one is better, Bill Registers or Electronic Billing?

A bill register is dumb. It tells you only how much money your business has taken during the day. It can tell you that you took in BDT 5,000.00, but it can’t tell you have on the dues, it can’t tell how much you spend for maintenance and how much you have at your cash drawer. But Easy Billing can tell you all the above factors and helps you to take proper decisions for your business. Don’t pass the responsibility of selecting the bill register or Electronic Billing to employees or a consultant. Do your homework. Before selecting a bill register or Electronic, understand your business needs, the cash management options and hardware available and make your selection based on an educated decision.


Who Can Use

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Cable TV Operator
  • And many more…

Hardware Compatibility

  • Any Printer
  • Barcode Scanner (Optional)
  • Slip Printer (Optional)
  • Continuous Sheet Printer (Optional)

System Requirements

  • Computer (Processor:  Intel Pentium 4 or higher, RAM: 2GB)
  • Windows Operating System
  • Any Printer
  • Barcode Scanner (Optional)
  • Slip Printer (Optional)
  • Continuous Sheet Printer (Optional)
  • Network (Optional)


  • EASY Billing Software
  • Necessary training session